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After trying dozens of iPod to computer software programs, here is our ranking of the top four software packages.

  1. Cucusoft iPod Transfer

    This is by far our favorite iPod export program. It's very simple to use, is compatible with every kind of iPod, and transfers every type of media from your iPod to your computer, whether it's mp3 music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, TV Shows, Movies, Ringtones, and even Playlists. Our favorite feature of this program is that if you don't want to transfer your music onto your hard drive, you can still hook up your iPod to Cucusoft iPod Transfer, and play music straight off of your iPod. This is great for using at your office because you don't have to store your music on your work computer, and can listen to music on your iPod while it stays charged by your computer via USB. Best of all, there is a free trial download available for this software, so you can try before you buy.

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  2. Bigasoft iPod Transfer

    Not as easy to use or fully-featured as Cucusoft iPod Transfer, but still solid software nonetheless, Bigasoft iPod Transfer is our second favorite iPod export program. Like with Cucusoft's product, you can still transfer media other than music, such as Movies and Audiobooks, but that media isn't as clearly categorized in the interface on Bigasoft. Probably the biggest disadvantage Bigasoft has compared to Cucusoft is that there is that it doesn't have the nifty music player that allows you to listen to music straight off of your iPod without having to transfer your music to iTunes.

    $24.95 Buy Now

  3. Aiseesoft iPod Transfer

    Aiseesoft iPod Transfer is also not as easy to use as Cucusoft iPod Transfer, but it does have some redeeming qualities. The first downside of this software is that it didn't recognize Audiobooks that we had on our iPod. We were able to easily transfer our music, photos, and movies from our iPod, but our Audiobooks were nowhere to be found. The search function on this program didn't allow us to search by text, only to categorize by Genre, Artist, and Album. The one unusual feature that this program had was the functionality to create a Backup of the iTunes Database file, which could come in handy in an emergency situation. Like Bigasoft iPod Transfer, this program also lacked the music player that makes Cucusoft iPod Transfer our favorite.

    $25.00 Buy Now

  4. iCopyExpert

    This is really simple software that - if you're only interested in getting songs off of your iPod, will get the job done. You can browse songs on your iPod by Playlist, Album, and Artist, and export your music straight to your hard drive or onto iTunes (a command which, confusingly, prompts you to "choose a folder"). This software is missing some of our favorite features, such as the ability to create Playlists, and the music player that makes Cucusoft iPod Transfer our favorite.

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